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How to Prepare a Small Space for a New Baby

Babies are small and really don’t need much. Sure, our society today will make you believe that you’re not a good parent unless you have a huge nursery with all the best things and decorated like a fantasy land. But, really, all a baby wants is your love and all it needs is a few things – food, clothing, diapers, a place to bathe, a place to sleep, and a place to play. It doesn’t matter how big – or small – those places are, and many spaces can serve multiple purposes. If you live in an RV, like we do, or a small apartment or even a tiny home, you may wonder how in the world a baby can fit in there. Here’s how we do it: In the bedroom and bathroom Yes, our baby sleeps in our bedroom and bathes in our bathroom. We have five children and they have all slept in the bed with us for the first year. Newborn babies don’t move around a lot, so they can sleep right on the bed or in a changing pad covered with a soft king-sized pillowcase like this. Once baby gets older and star

How to Fix a Bad RV Paint Job

We bought our 2014 PrimeTime Crusader brand new in 2013. So new, in fact, that we special ordered it and had it built custom-made. One of the things we paid extra for, almost $2,000 extra, was the “champagne” paint job instead of the standard white. Nowadays, many RVs have shifted to the brown shades of paint, but in 2013, we had to order it and pay extra for it. Fast forward to a year and a half later, just after the standard 1-year factory warranty had expired, and we started having issues with the paint on the bulkhead, endcap, whatever it’s called. I’ll call it a bulkhead for the purposes of this article. You can start to see fading at this point. We were told by the RV mechanic that conducted our initial orientation that we should wax it twice a year, which is what we did. I’m all about preventative maintenance to avoid further problems down the road. So, we thought we were doing what we were supposed to. Why would the paint start going bad so soon? We started not

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