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Easy Earring Organization in Under 5 Minutes for Under $10

Living in an RV or small space means finding creative ways to store, display, or organize jewelry. I don't have a lot of jewelry, but I do love earrings and necklaces. Storing earrings has been a thorn in my side for years. I have a small box that I've been keeping them in, but they get tangled with other earrings. I had to find another way.

A major overlooked space available for organizing is doors. I had plenty of space to hang earrings on the inside of my bathroom pantry door.

How to make an easy earring organizer in under 5 minutes for under $10:

Step 1: Start with a roll of burlap garland/ribbon. You can find this at any arts and crafts store or by clicking the picture below. There are different sizes, such as 4 inches wide or 5 inches wide, so decide which width you want to use, the length can be determined later.
Step 2: Unroll the burlap garland/ribbon to determine the length you will need. With a pair of scissors, cut the length about an inch or two longer than you nee…

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