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Redecorating the Bunkhouse

My boys change their minds about as often as they change their underwear, so it was no surprise to me that no sooner had I finished decorating their bunkhouse in their requested monster truck, dragons, and space themes, they both decided they wanted a Hawaiian theme. I was actually thrilled because Jaden's room is already beach-themed. I have already sold some of his decorations, but I still have the good stuff left, so it made me happy to think I can repurpose those things into the RV instead of selling them. What I didn't have was the fabric to create the privacy curtains as well as their window curtains. I found coordinating surfboard fabric online for the privacy curtains. Jaden loves seaturtles, so I ordered him some seaturtle fabric for his window curtains. Jordan is obsessed with sharks, so I ordered some shark fabric for his window curtains. I wasn't sure what to do with the walls since I haven't had any luck with command strips sticking to those particular walls (maybe it's the paint I used). I was searching for a shark vinyl and came across some awesome porthole vinyls with different scenes, so I ordered four - a hammerhead shark, sharks, a coral reef, and a stingray. Now, it looks like they actually have portholes in their bunks and can see under the ocean. So fun! Then there was the issue of making use of every space available, and there was a big wall space that had nothing on it, oh what to do. I wanted to do something where they can display artwork, cards from grandparents, pictures of cousins, etc. I remembered that I have a bulletin board that didn't sell at any of our garage sales, so I thought that would work but cringed at the thought of a big, blank bulletin board on the wall. Then I had an idea! I borrowed my daughters acrylic paint and painted the entire board with a surfboard scene. Now, it looks 'totally rad' just hanging on the wall and also serves a functional purpose. One cool thing I found, although not Hawaii-theme, is worth mentioning. The small bunk folds up and stores in the wall, providing a blank canvas underneath. I was in Target the other day and saw a vinyl wall map that had fell on the floor. I thought it would be cool to use to track our journey, so I bought it and it fit perfectly on the underside of that little bunk. It even has little heart sticker that we can place on all the places we visit. The boys already put a heart on Utah, where we currently live, and on Louisiana, where our family lives. It's a great, interactive map that will provide many geography lessons, I'm sure. I think the bunkhouse turned out awesome and the boys love it.


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