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Time to "Theresa-fy"

If there's one thing I'm known for, it's making my space my own. My husband has created a term for this process, he calls it "Theresa-fy". When I am working on my projects, I'm "Theresa-fying" them. When they are done, they have been "Theresa-fied". It was no surprise to him that the day we got the Crusader home, I had the paint and decorations waiting. The fact of the matter was, it was Thanksgiving weekend and we were having unseasonably warm weather for Northern Utah - in the 50s - but only for a few days. So, that was my time limit to slap that paint on the walls. I didn't quite get done, but I was able to "Theresa-fy" it enough to be satisfied until summer, when I can paint the areas I didn't get to. I used Behr Paint & Primer in one paint, which went on beautifully without any messy prep work to the walls, just paint it on. I used two coats and as of 3 years later, it is still holding up beautifully. Also, be sure to use good tools like these and these.

Here's the Living Area. I painted inside the slide with the neutral color and painted behind the slide with the dark brown, which matched the wood nicely.
In the Kitchen, I painted the neutral color and added a faux glass tile backsplash to make it look more classy. A stovetop cover protects the stovetop, keeps it clean, and adds usable space. 
The entryway turned out really beautiful. I painted one side with the dark brown color as an accent wall. I painted the other side with the neutral color and hung some personalized decorations. I also changed out the curtains to match the curtains in the master bedroom.
In the master bedroom, I painted with the neutral color everywhere except inside the slide, which I painted dark brown. I replaced the sheet set that came with the unit with a beautiful set that goes with our Moroccan theme (this is a nice set). I changed out the curtains with the curtains we had in our sticks & bricks master bedroom. I loved these curtains and didn't want to get rid of them, so I decided to cut them down to size and fit them to the RV windows so that it would feel more like home. I brought in some of our Moroccan lamps for decoration and plan to bring in more themed decor when it gets warmer and we get closer to our launch date. 
In the bunkhouse, I asked the boys what kind of theme they wanted. Jaden wanted green walls with a space theme and Jordan wanted blue walls with a monster trucks and dragons theme. I bought the fabric to match the themes they wanted and made curtains to replace the standard curtains. I also hung a tension rod across each bunk and made 6-feet long curtains that they can close to have more privacy in their bunk - to read, play quietly, study, or sleep. I brought in their toys and a rug from our house to make them feel more comfortable.
In the boys' bathroom, I painted it the neutral color, added the faux glass tile backsplash, and some inspirational decor. They love it! 
What's your favorite update?


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