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Organizing a Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet can be daunting to organize. But I’ve got two tips that will help you organize your medicine cabinet and never have to catch stuff before it falls out again. Tip #1: Get some clear plastic organizers from Wal-Mart. They have compartments and drawers that make it easy to organize basic items such as toothpaste, deodorant, q-tips, razor blades, nail clippers, and such. Tip #2: Use the space on the wall and on the back of the door. Chances are, there is plenty of wall space you are able to see. This is all wasted space. Use it. Buy clear spice racks at Lowes or Home Depot in the 3M Command Strip section. Use these racks to store medicines, essential oils, and things like that. Have you tried these tips?

Organizing a Small Refrigerator

It’s not easy to organize a small fridge when you’re trying to feed a family of four, especially if you’re trying to eat healthy. An organized fridge will make it easier to store awkward items and also gives you a visual indicator when something’s missing so that you know what needs to be added to the next shopping list. I keep a master shopping list on a magnetic dry-erase board that I’ve attached to the outside of the fridge door. I can write items on the board and double-check the master list before going to the grocery store. The door of the fridge has shelves attached. Just move those up or down to the size you need. The door is the best place to store condiments, butter, canned goods, and if space allows, bigger items such as milk cartons or kool-aid pitchers. In the main fridge compartment, we store sodas on the shortened top shelf. On the next shelf, we keep sandwich meat tucked away in the back underneath the drip tray. This is where I also like to store prepackaged ve

Makeup Storage in an RV/Small Space

If it were up to me, I’d never put on makeup again. I feel perfectly comfortable without it, but admittedly, I do feel like I look better with it. I only wear minimal, but my makeup collection looks otherwise. I have more eyeshadows than I’ll ever use. I have so many bottles of mascara that they’ll likely go bad before I use them. I don’t even wear foundation, yet I’ve got several BB and CC creams. And I’ve never been able to find a concealer I’m totally satisfied with, so I’ve got several types in my storage. When we moved into our RV, I was determined to get my excessive makeup collection down to only what would fit in one small organizer. I got the organizer at Wal-Mart. It has three drawers, a lift-top storage area on top, and two unlidded compartments on top. I placed my brushes, mascara, and eyeliner in the two unlidded compartments on top because those are the things I need to access easily and frequently. In the lidded compartment, I have my concealer, powder, and blush

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