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How to Make Your RV Smell Great

Living, or even just vacationing, in a small RV with several family members can lead to bad smells quick. The RV itself may emit some foul odors from the toilets or sinks, especially if they don’t seal properly. And staying in an RV for any amount of time encourages more outdoor adventures, which brings back some pretty gnarly smells into the RV, like sweaty clothes, wet clothes, and stinky feet. So, how do you make it smell good again? We’ve been living in our RV for over three years now and have found some great ways to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Here’s what we do:
Bedroom: A decorative essential oil diffuser keeps the bedroom smelling great, provides a nice night light, and looks beautiful.
Kids Room: A compact essential oil diffuser in the kids rooms is a space saver while still emitting a nice scent, purifying the air, and providing a soft night light. Our boys make sure to refill and turn on “Mr. Mister” (their name for their diffuser) every night before getting in bed.
Essential oils allow you to choose which scents you wish to diffuse into the air and some provide disinfecting qualities and air purification as well. You can also switch out oils and use lavender, which is known to encourage sleepiness, during the night and something more sunny during the day like orange or lemon, which is a disinfectant. Here’s a great starterkit with the most commonly used basic oils:
Living Area: A scented wax warmer is stronger than an essential oil diffuser, so a larger space is best, like the living area. A decorative wax warmer is beautiful and functional. When turned on, it also lights up and serves as a beautiful lamp that smells great. You can find a variety of scents to suit your mood and theme.
Bathroom: In the bathrooms, the key is to keep it clean. Wipe down everything with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, shower doors come sparkling clean with little effort using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and toilets are easily scrubbed using a Lysol Toilet Wand with disposable scrub heads. Once the bathroom is clean, pop a Lysol Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner onto the inside bowl of the toilet to keep that fresh smell going for days. Bonus Tip: Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil into the inside of a roll of toilet paper to release the scent everytime the toilet roll is used.

Entire RV: To make the entire RV smell fresh, pick up your heating vent cover, wrap a dryer sheet around the bottom, and place it back into the floor. The vent will hold the dryer sheet in place and the clean smell with spread throughout the entire RV, especially when the furnace turns on.

I hope you found some of these tips to be useful for your space. What are some tips that you have to keep your RV, or other small space, smelling great?


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