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How to Hang Christmas Stockings in an RV

How to hang Christmas stockings in an RV (or hang anything from the valances).

Those standard RV valances…pieces of plywood covered with hideously patterned fabric and fastened above the windows of your RV windows. Not exactly fashion-forward or even appealing to the eyes. But also not permanent. You can simply remove them and hang a curtain rod. Or, you can cover the fabric with a choice more fitting of your own style and décor theme. You can even use a tension rod to hang curtains underneath the valance. All of these ways will jazz up your RV and make it look more cozy and like home. But how do you hang Christmas stockings in an RV?
Some RVs have fireplaces, but hanging stockings in front of the fireplace will cover the fireplace and not allow you to use it during the holidays. So, another option is to hang the stockings on a valance, but how?
I happened to have some cubicle hooks like these or these left over from when I used to work in cubicle land and, turns out, they work like a charm. Just insert the pointy side into the fabric and push it down. Voila! You can hang stockings, or anything, from the valance!
This really allows you to spread the holiday decorations all over the RV since now you can use your valance for decorations. You can also hang ribbon, garland, lights, ornaments, or whatever you want from the hooks, even combine elements to make the valance extra festive.
Want your own personalized Christmas stockings? We’ve had these for years and there are enough designs to get a different one for each family member, even as the family continues to expand. They’re perfect size and great quality. Get yours here.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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